The Look-Over by Diana Foster

The Look-Over

Custom feedback without the custom price tag!

You've launched a job search (or you're about to) and you need some direction

You’ve got your résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin profile ready.  You think they’re good, but you’re not totally sure.

You’ve got some nagging questions in the back of your head:

“What if my résumé and cover letter aren’t good enough to get interviews?”

“What if my Linkedin profile won’t generate the kind of interest I want?”

“What if my networking emails make me look desperate and annoying?”

Those are great questions you need to get answered!

Your dream job literally hinges on how well your résumé, cover letter, Linkedin profile, and networking emails attract interviews, so you really should find out if you need to make any improvements (you probably do!).

What you aren't looking for is:

  • A course
  • Coaching
  • Premium, “Done-For-You” services

You’re just looking for some answers.

You want clarity on what you need to improve.

You want specific advice from someone who’s actually qualified.

You want clear guidance on how to make things better.

You want resources to give you more help.

What you’d LOVE is an expert to look-over:

Your résumé
You want to make sure your résumé has all the right stuff in it to communicate how amazing you are so you can score interviews and get off the application treadmill.

Your cover letter
You want your cover letter to slap the human reader out of their résumé haze to actually want to read your résumé instead of sending it to the trash along with all the others.

The job posting
You’re not exactly sure if the way you’ve written your résumé is a good “match” with the job posting or if the computer bots will chew it up and send it to résumé purgatory which is where most résumés go.

Your networking emails
You’re not sure if you wrote them well enough to get a favourable response or if you’re going to turn people off. You don’t want to come across as too pushy..

Your “situation”
You’re faced with some kind of predicament or you’re not sure what to do in a specific situation and just want to be pointed in the right direction. Maybe it has something to do with your job search strategy, interviewing, salary negotiations, or something else.

The solution is The Look-Over:

What you get:

Customized feedback of your résumé, cover letter, job posting, networking emails, or situation that will give you the clarity you need so you can present yourself as a strong candidate and move forward through the hiring process with confidence.

Resources such as templates, checklists, cheat sheets, tutorials, links to articles will be provided if they are available and suitable for your situation.

How this works:

You submit your résumé, cover letter, job posting, emails, or a summary of your “situation”.

You will be given personalized feedback that will answer your questions so you can make the changes needed to improve your chances of attracting interviews and job offers.

To get details on how to get started, keep reading. You should also review the FAQ section below that will answer your questions.

If you've read everything and you still have some questions, please email Diana at and write LOOK-OVER QUESTIONS in the subject line.

How to get started:

Please read the FAQ section below before you purchase.

Once you pay and your purchase is confirmed, you’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to upload your documents and questions for feedback.

You’ll get The Look-Over feedback within 2 business days.

Please note:
Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern. Therefore, if you send your information on Friday after 5pm, you’ll get the feedback by the following Wednesday.

How the feedback is delivered:

The feedback is recorded by a screencast and is delivered as a video recording that you can stream online and download.  After you sign up, you will be told how you can access the recording.

What’s the investment?

Only $27 for 15 minutes worth of feedback.
Please read the FAQ section and get all the details before you buy.

Fees are in USD. 

Who’s the expert?

That would be me! :) I’m Diana Foster an experienced Career Professional. You can read about my story here and can take a look at my Linkedin profile here.

I’ve reviewed, critiqued, and created hundreds (maybe thousands!) of résumés/cover letters/Linkedin profiles for all kinds of jobseekers.

I’ve worked with clients who were able to generate interviews and land the job as a result of us working together.

I can tell you where your résumé/cover letter/Linkedin profile needs to be improved and explain how to make it better in a way that’s easy to understand.

I can also answer questions and give you my professional opinion about whatever your “situation” is so you can then decide how you want to proceed.


What does the service include?

With The Look-Over service, you are given 15 minutes worth of customized and constructive feedback regarding your:
  • Résumé
  • Cover Letter
  • Job Posting 
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Networking Emails
  • Specific Situation (burning questions about interviewing, job search strategy, negotiating, etc.)

How many documents and/or questions can I submit at one time?

If you want detailed feedback about your documents, you should limit the amount that you submit. The more pages I have to review, the more general the feedback will be. The same goes for any questions you submit.

For instance, if you submit only your résumé, I will have time to give it a thorough review and provide a lot of detailed feedback.

If you submit your résumé along with other documents, the feedback will be more general in nature because I have to split my time between multiple pages.

For this reason, there is a limit to the amount of documents and questions you can submit per service.

Maximum 4 pages or 1500 words (per service)
Here are some examples of the maximum amount of documents you could send for one, $27 round of feedback. 
  • One, 2-page résumé + One, 2-page job posting
  • One Linkedin profile (focus on the photo, headline, 2000-character summary, work experience section)
  • One, 2-page résumé + One, 2-page job posting
  • One, 3-page résumé + One, 1-page cover letter
  • Linkedin 2000-character summary + Résumé professional profile + One, 2-3 page job posting
You can have me look at a specific section of your résumé and Linkedin profile, such as the résumé professional profile and the Linkedin 2000-character summary. That way, you'll get more detailed feedback.

- Maximum 15 questions (submitted as a separate service)

You can submit up to 15 questions, but I might only be able to answer half of them or less depending on how much explanation they require.

You should submit them in order of preference with #1 being the most important question and #15 being the least important. I'll start with #1 and answer as many as I can in the allotted time.

Can I submit questions and documents at the same time under one service?

Questions and documents must be submitted as two separate services in order for the service to be most effective.

However, if you have only 2 or 3 questions that don't require detailed answers, I might be able to answer them along with the documents. You can send them along and if I have time, I'll answer them but I will start on the documents FIRST.

How long does it take to get the feedback?

Once payment is received and you have submitted all of the required information (documents, questions, completed questionnaire), the feedback will be delivered to you in 2 business days (Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern).

For example, if the materials are submitted at after 5pm Friday, the feedback will be delivered by the following Wednesday. I strive to complete the feedback sooner than 2 days but I have to allow for delays and turnaround.

If I can not deliver in 2 business days, you will be informed immediately.

How is the feedback delivered?

The feedback is recorded by screencast which is a video recording of your document that I have on my computer screen. I will scroll through the document and start commenting on it where I deem appropriate.

If you don't submit documents, but it's questions, I'll either email the answers in writing or via video - whatever makes sense. Sometimes it's more efficient for me to just start talking and hit "play".

If it's recorded feedback, you will be given a link to stream and download it, as it will be available online for a limited period of time.

Can you comment on only specific sections of the document and not the entire thing?

That's no problem, but you need to tell me ahead of time what you want me to provide feedback on. 

For instance, if you want detailed feedback on your résumé's professional profile and your Linkedin's 2000-character summary, then you must specify that in the questionnaire which is emailed to you after you sign up.

How do I get started?

  1. First, you must pay (read the FAQ first)
  2. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a welcome email that goes over the instructions and important information. Make sure to read the entire email.
  3. You must complete the questionnaire and upload it into Dropbox. Your answers and the information you provide will help me give you better feedback (I need some context).
  4. You must also upload the document(s) you want reviewed into Dropbox and make sure to give them names that are easily identifiable.
  5. In 2 business days, you will receive your feedback as a video recording you can stream online and download. You will be emailed details about this.

Can I engage in this service multiple times? Can I make changes to my résumé and then have you comment on my revised document?

Absolutely! If you are someone who likes to learn how to create a résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin profile, The Look-Over is a good way to get customized feedback about where you need to make improvements and what needs to be done.

However, at some point, it makes more sense to  enroll in the online digital course Résumés That Convert if you want to learn how to create an interview-generating résumé.

There are two levels - the Self-Starter Plus package and the Job Landing Accelerator package.

I have questions about my job search. How does the service work with that kind of thing?

If you aren't submitting a document, but you have questions you need answered, I recommend that you submit no more than 15 questions and put them in order of preference.

#1 question would be the most important one and #15 would be the least important. That way, I'll work through the questions (starting with #1) and will try to answer as many as I can within the 15 minute duration.

I might answer only 5 questions. Or maybe only 2. I have no way of knowing until I start.

Once you sign up, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and it will ask you to include your questions in order of preference.

What document types can I submit for review?

The preferred document types are Word .doc and .docx. PDF is the second choice.

If you have your résumé in the cloud (i.e. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.), you can send me the link and I can view it that way but the preference is for you to upload a Word document.

Instructions are given to you in the email you get after you sign up for the service.

Who is actually giving me feedback?

I am! I'm Diana Foster - a career professional with over 15 years experience in recruitment, résumé writing, career/job search coaching including a background in sales and marketing. I help jobseekers from a wide variety of job functions, level of experience, and industries generate interviews and ace the interviews so they can land their dream job.

I provide premium "Done-For-You" services where I create custom-branded documents that help the candidate stand out and get noticed which boosts their job landing success.

I also offer "Do-It-Yourself" services that includes an online, digital résumé writing course Resumes That Convert. 

What is the refund policy?

A full refund will be given if you send me the documents/answers and for whatever reason I feel that I can not help you. Although rare, it can happen.

Otherwise, once you send payment there is no refund. This is why it's important to review all the information before making your purchase.

What kind of results can you guarantee?

What I'm offering with this service is my professional opinion - what you do with that information is totally up to you. You can use it or not.

If you do use my recommendations, I am confident that it will give you the clarity and direction that you need to help you improve your chances of generating interviews which will bring you closer to a job offer.  

I can guarantee that if you don't do things differently, nothing will change. I'm offering you an opportunity to make changes.

What I can't guarantee are specific results. Those vary from person to person. Your outcome is largely dependent on what you do with the information I give you.

Generally speaking, the more effort you put into your job search and the more networking you do, the better your results will be.