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It was a privilege working with Diana Foster. I highly recommend her services if you need help with your résumé or job search. Being an experienced recruiter, Diana knew what improvements were needed to get my résumé to the top of the pile. With her outgoing and charming personality, she makes you feel valued by showing you what you have to offer a potential employer. 
Russ M, Sales Professional

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Happy Customer

Although there is a ton of information, the course was so well laid out that I was able to get through each lesson quickly and easily. The course made the process more enjoyable by eliminating the stress and guesswork of not knowing what to do. Diana provides excellent explanation, examples, and templates.  The résumé critique and coaching helped me create an impressive résumé in much less time than it would have taken me without this kind of help. I learned a lot and feel that I got immense value out of the course. Thanks Diana!
Elle W. , Hospitality Concierge

Hi! I'm Diana - Career Professional at your service!

I work with career-minded people who want to stand out as a top candidate, whether they're actively looking for a new job, eyeing a promotion, or just keeping their options open in case the sh*t hits the fan and they're suddenly out of a job.

I help them stand out and get noticed so that they can get hired.

I'm equal parts sales/marketing, copywriting, recruiting, and personal branding all rolled into one sassy package.

Questions? Email me: info@perfectfitresume.com

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